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If you have clicked on this blog, then we are sure that you have already booked your first massage with Ivory Room beauty parlour franchisee. Read these 6 steps to maximise your massage:

1.Drink Water

After getting your massage at the beauty parlour franchisee, drink lots and lots of water throughout a week as within the two to three days of your massage your body releases toxins and metabolic waste and you will need to replenish your fluids.


Have light food and take rest after coming back from the massage treatment. You can have a cup of green tea and fruits. You have enrolled for the massage to heal your body and to enhance therapeutic benefits. Taking rest is important to give your body healing time. Rest will help in the regeneration of your body. In case you are seeking hair salon franchise opportunities to get your clients’ hairs done meanwhile the rest time, then we are the best choice.

3. Don’t Stress

Don’t give your muscles stress. Do not involve yourself in a heavy workout to add stress on your body which might affect your body muscles after the massage.

4. Enjoy The Ongoing Effects

Oils will keep on releasing from your skin. Enjoy the face as the oils will automatically moisturize your skin and take a deep breath to smell the calming scents.

5.Soak in the Tub

Taking a hot bath in Epsom salt will heal your body in a better way. Your skin will feel more alive and fresher. Soaking your body in the hot water tub is the best treatment you can gift yourself after a deep massage. To detox, all the toxins from the body add salt in the hot water and soak your body for good 12 mins. Trust us you’ll get the feeling of like you are in the heaven.

Now you are aware of what extra you need to do to maximize your massage, it’s time to visit us and get your massage done in a most relaxing way or you can also opt for our beauty parlour franchisee option to treat the ladies near you with the best.

Written by vishant