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Driving to the spa for the first time with lots of questions running in your mind, feeling anxious and worried about the treatment you’ll get after entering the door of the spa. Questions like, do I have to strip down completely or is it a good idea to take a full meal before the visit must be bothering you. Relax, calm yourself once you enter Ivory Room Salon & Spa, you are in the stress-free zone. And if you are someone who wants to pamper the ladies around you, then we are open for our Salon franchise.

Since many questions are popping in your head, we have covered all worries in this blog to make your spa day fabulous and also provide the best services in our salon that will result you to take the Ivory Room beauty salon franchise

Let’s get started!

Before you push the spa door

  • First things, first! Look for a salon & spa that fits your needs and requirements. Check the staff is welcoming and nurturing, from the front desk to the manager to the therapies offered, whether they meet your expectations or not whether you are going for treatment or taking Salon franchise.
  • Ensure to book the appointment a day or two before eliminating delays and last-minute booking problems.
  • Don’t shave less than 24 hours or more before you book the appointment if you have taken the treatment that involves exfoliation.
  • You can sip your cup of caffeine and had a light meal before the treatment. Don’t full yourself with it as it will get difficult for you to relax.
  • Say no to perfume! Yes, you read it right. If you have booked an aromatherapy session, then the fragrance of perfume will overpower the essential oils, depriving their benefits.
  • Arriving early will work in your favour, and you’ll easily able to adapt to the spa environment.

Once you’ve reached!

  • Once you reach the spa, don’t be afraid of asking the staff or the front desk manager for the spa tour to feel the relaxing ambience and observe the cleanliness around. 
  • First, you need to do some paperwork before the therapy. You need to fill a form to mention all your medical problems and any essential oils you are allergic to. 
  • If you haven’t selected the massage option at the time of appointment, then you can do it immediately at the time of your visit. Sweeden Massage is one of the best massages that we recommend for the first-timers.
  •  Once all the formalities are done, you head towards the changing room with a robe, slippers, disposable undergarments and towel.
  • The first time you might feel shy, but be ready to strip down. It mainly happens with the scrubs, wraps and massages. You may also be asked to remove your top at the time of facial as the therapist will apply the cream on your neck and chest. Don’t worry, you’ll be covered with a towel to preserve your modesty. 
  • The therapy will start with a relaxing foot soak followed by the treatment of your choice which might provoke you too taking the beauty salon franchise to pamper the ladies around.

Relax! Enjoy your first Spa

Now you are finally inside your Spa room, just relax! Say bye-bye to all your worries. Once your treatment has been started wipe all your stress, communicate with your therapist, give her the feedback if any in concern with the pain, the temperature of the room or the amount of pressure, inform them.

The massage will go from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the package you have picked, followed by the body scrub, facial or wraps if you have added any of these in the package. 

And, here you are go!

  • Once the treatment is over, do not rush! Give your body the time to rejuvenate. Let the essential oils used soaked in it better. Use spa amenities, take a refreshing shower.
  • Get ready to energize your body with a cup of green tea and date fruits after a refreshing bath. 
  • Don’t forget to drink lots of water to drain out any toxins and avoid a vigorous workout.

Now you are friendly with what it all going to be, sit back, relax and cut off with the world’s chaos.

Ivory Room Salon & Spa is the best place to book your appointment with as we equip you with all the luxuries under-one-roof with a promise of no opposite gender is treated in our spa. We are a women-only spa in Gurgaon and ready to expand our services across the nation. If you are interested in providing the best spa service in your city, then you can easily rely on our brand.We are open for the Salon franchise!

Taste the luxury with the secure environment at Ivory Room Salon & Spa! Connect with us to take the conversation to the next level.

Written by vishant