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‘How you feel is what you reflect.’ You might have heard this statement millions of times, right? But implementing it in daily life might get hard for you. You have never paid the attention towards the message the statement is given. We understand it’s impossible to stay happy and calm in the times where you are not allowed to step out of the house until and unless you have something important to get done. This surrounds you with a lot of negative and bad thoughts giving lots of stress and depression. And, this can easily be reflected on your face. As things are going back to normal you need to take action for your skin and health. It’s time to heal, heal from all the inner wounds that are harming your outer beauty. Nothing is better than self-care, pampering yourself regularly. Get yourself a good massage at the in a luxurious spa with a soothing ambience where you can forget all your worries. You can also take our salon franchise and get informed of our salon franchise cost. 

When we talk about making your skin brighter and shiner, we don’t say to make it fairer. We don’t believe in complexion but a healthy skin radiates a glow which makes your entire body shine with the spark of happiness. The major element for healthy skin is its natural glow. And Ivory Room is offering salon franchise opportunities to treat your area customers with ease.

There are tons of things that are stealing the glow from your skin ladies and you won’t realize how this urban and rich lifestyle with lots of stress is stealing your glow.

  • Dehydration– Remember your school days when you were told to drink at least 2-3ltrs of water a day. After indulging in getting the rough lifestyle you forget about your health and especially in summers you don’t drink enough water, which is the main reason for unhealthy skin.
  • Poor diet– Your body needs vitamins, nutrition, and a complete healthy diet. Because of daily uncertain diets, your body is unable to adapt to it.
  • Sleep deprivation– “Netflix and chill!” The phrase only looks cool when you had a goodnight sleep. Binge-watching late nights or stressing on something not so important can make you wake up with unhealthy skin, blackheads and skin pores.
  • Stress – The uncertainty of your jobs and a lot of stress of family and burden in your life is also the reason for unhealthy and dull skin.
  • Environment – You don’t have any control over this point. But you can save your skin from the environmental changes by practicing simple DIYs daily as in summers our skin pores extract natural oils that make the skin dull.

How can you make your skin brighter and shinner?

The reason behind the dull skin is an uneven skin tone or the lack of radiance. You might feel the tightness in your skin sometimes or have open pores. This is because you are ignoring it. A few changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in your skin health.

We are providing our salon franchise cost to all the clients looking for luxury and perfection.

Let’s get the luminous glow on your skin back with just a few changes in your routine!

  • Working? Take a short break of 5 mins every hour get up from your chair and drink at least a glass of water.
  • Must have heard about a full-fledged health diet, but never made your mind to try it, right? It’s time to make the difference in your skin. Add the diet in your routine that has lots of veggies, antioxidants, nutrition and vitamins.
  • Never start your day with a cup of caffeine. Your body has starved for 8 hours, provide it something healthy, have a seasoned fruit or a glass of smoothie. And, don’t go on uncertain diet plans.
  • Treat your body weekly or at least monthly. Pamper yourself! Book your appointment with your favourite Salon & Spa and calm your mind and body in the soothing ambience with the best massage professional. This will also help you in improving your sleeping routine. The massage therapy will heal your entire body.
  • Find the best for your skin. Ivory Room Salon & Spa provide your skin with the best quality essential oils and products that help your skin to radiate.

Your skin condition depends on what kind of treatment you enrich it with. If you visit our Salon or women-only spa, we will guide you with what you should add in your beauty regime to keep your skin glowing always.

Ivory Room Salon & Spa is open for salon franchise opportunities and the luxury spa and salon branches across India. Let’s connect to discuss how we can provide leisure to the women of th nation together!

Written by vishant